New feels

The “one day I hope” Wish🍃

Watching him leave is so hard. I think to myself that I can’t. I can’t let him go. I’m not strong enough to watch him walk away from me and be okay with it. Even knowing that he’s coming back tomorrow or some other day doesn’t stop my heart from breaking. I can feel the pain as if someone’s taken a blow to my chest and left me there to pick up the broken pieces. But the only thing I keep repeating in my head is, “It’ll be okay. It’s still okay. It’s okay that I love fiercely, that I expect fierce love. I need this type of love. I am not wrong. I deserve this love, a love that matches mine, that ignites fires, that lights fireworks, that grows and builds and sings like the radio with the dial turned loud. And it’s okay if he doesn’t love me back that way. I’ll live on and maybe someday I’ll find someone who loves as fiercely as I do.”

Excerpts from a book I’ll never write✍

New feels

I finally found who it was for 😍

I stopped writing for a while simply because I had began to forget. Forget what it felt like…to be loved, owned and treasured. All I knew was how it felt like, to be left alone and forgotten.After you left I felt abandoned, broken, beaten, sad and wrecked…💔💔 I was familiar with wrecked toys, messed up lyrics 😔. But with my consoling paper and pen (my audience) I had to stitch a new virgin kind of love ❤️. And maybe our past were meant to be that messy and yes it was necessary to be reduced to pieces and fragments so that I may truly understand all of me. I had to put it all back together in a way that felt right, but in doing so I was building the heart you were waiting for.

New feels

External clutter is internal clutter on display

Lots of people have the tendency of asking bachelors when are they going to marry !! 😏

I always wonder
Who told this people that when you reach a certain age You must marry or at least have a kid … who deceived them is it our forefathers?

Marriage isn’t a competition , i believe it should be done when someone finds his or her match
It shouldn’t be out of desperation, age , parents pressure or society

Stop 🛑 living this life like it’s a trial

NB :
When you marry the wrong person you inflict your self a life time pain > till you decide no more and walk out.

New feels

Every night she lies awake blaming Insomnia,

🎧🎵Your hair’s grown a little longer
Your arms look a little stronger
Your eyes just as I remember
Your smile’s just a little softer
And I, and I never prepared for a moment like that
Yeah, in a second it came all back, it all came back
‘Cause after all these years
I still feel everything when you are near
And it was just a quick hello
And you had to go
And you probably will never know
You’re still the one I’m after all these years🎧🎵

All these years – Camila Cabello

New feels

For now, For Ever Always ✌

if you ever need me, i’ll be here… if you want to run away, i can’t promise i will stop you from running, but i can run with you. if you ever need me, i’ll be here

if you ever need me, i’ll be here…
if you ever want to cry, i can’t promise i will stop you from crying, but i can cry with you. if you ever need me, i’ll be here

if you ever need me, i’ll be here…
when you need someone to listen, i can’t promise i will be able to tell you the right advice, but i will listen with all of my heart and no distractions. if you ever need me, i’ll be here

if you ever need me, i’ll be here… to hold your hand through the storm, and be a shoulder to cry on. I can’t promise anything. but i will do everything i can to be there for you when you need me. and i won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. but i promise i will be the friend you always needed. even if you didn’t need me. i’ll still be here.

New feels

Betraying the boy for the man

Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and more often than not, each partner may feel differently in regard to whether or not it’s time to call it quits. But how do you know when it’s really over and when the discomfort that you feel is an indicator that there’s work to be done before you can upgrade your relationship to the next level? Knowing the difference between these two is crucial for anyone who seeks to deepen the quality of connection in their relationship. Like the lyrics of another popular song say, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em”. The impulse to fold is strong when things (inevitably) get difficult in a relationship. There is an understandable tendency to justify our decision by telling ourselves that it’s just not working anymore, rather than looking at some of the deeper causes for the boredom, resentment, or discomfort that you’re experiencing. The problem with leaving too soon, is that you may be missing the very thing that you originally signed up to get in the first place. It’s possible that the love that you wanted to experience is available on the other side of the next challenge, or the one after that

New feels

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop(A you by you)

I picked this as number one because it is the most common unknown of the list. If you walk into marriage as an incomplete person you will still have a sense of lacking after the unraveling of twenty years into it. It is your responsibility to motivate yourself to get back into school and finally earn that extra degree. The important ambush you’ve been postponing on, to get your boss to sign off on your raise or the promotion you believe to have worked hard to earn, is yours for the taking. No wife’s nagging in the background is going to make this easier or more worth it. Only you stand between yourself and the strong sense of fulfillment.